Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lewis C. Barbe: Proud to Have Emeritus Status with HFES

An accomplished board-ensured security engineer and looked for in the wake of building expert, Lewis Barbe is regarded to have as of late gotten Emeritus Status with the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES).By giving Barbe Emeritus Status, the HFES is both recognizing and perceiving Barbe's progressing responsibility to, and reputation for, open wellbeing. 

Lewis Barbe

One of the basic roles of the HFES is to advance both disclosure and the trading of learning relating to humankind, and the outline of both the gadgets and the frameworks with which they interface consistently. A specialist in work environment security, and also an individual from various ANSI councils, Lewis Barbe comprehends the estimation of ergonomics, especially as a technique for restricting and/or counteracting pointless physical strain or harm inside the work environment. 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lewis Barbe: Needed Precautions to Prevent Fires within the Secure Destruction Industry

Fire Protection Engineer Lewis Barbe and NAID Executive Director Bob Johnson co-wrote the article Fire: The Secure Destruction Industry's Most Feared Four-Letter Word, an article composed to inspect, in more profundity, the issue and risk of flame to both makers and administration suppliers all through the protected demolition industry. Both Barbe and Johnson fare thee well to look at the regular reasons for flame all through the business, how frequently they happen, and how they can be better kept away from later on. 

One area of Lewis Barbe and Bob Johnson's article makes suggestions as to specific safeguards industry experts can take to keep away from the likelihood of flame. These proposals, however genuinely essential, straightforward and direct, when appropriately took after can help both organizations and experts all through the business keep the likelihood of undesirable flames and to spare untold measures of time, cash and obligation well into what's to come. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Former NARSCI President Lewis C. Barbe

Experienced safety engineer & witness Lewis Barbe is presently registered with such organizations because the Board of International Health Care Safety Professionals and therefore the Board of International Hazard management. he's additionally presently registered, and licensed, with the Board of product Safety Management and therefore the Certified Safety Professionals organizations, severally.

Lewis Barbe

Lewis Barbe’s expertise is kind of in depth, as well as engineering consulting services targeted on the fields of locomotive system and instrumentality analysis and diesel locomotive style. a crucial member of the engineering consulting field for several years, Barbe was once honored to own served as President of NARSCI, or the National Association of Railroad Safety Consultants and Investigators.

NARSCI, as Barbe is aware of, continues to be the country’s solely freelance organization of execs with a spotlight on each railroad safety and railroad safety matters consulting.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lewis Barbe – Qualified, Experienced, Trusted

Board affirmed Safety Engineer Lewis Barbe keeps up an abnormal state of standing and regard inside the field of expert building, having held and performed well in various positions for a wide range of organizations all through his protracted vocation. He has likewise kept up long-lasting enrollment and contribution in such expert associations as the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, the American Society of Safety Engineers and the sky is the limit from there. 

Lewis Barbe

Lewis Barbe has appreciated the chance to both offer and give quality building counseling administrations in a mixed bag of expert settings, most outstandingly inside parts of the lawful group. 

An accomplished master witness who has given master affirmation in different mischance examination cases, Lewis Barbe's confirmation has been an imperative, maybe even urgent part, in various case results, including a grant to one offended party that aggregate a little more than 31 million dollars.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lewis C. Barbe – A Trusted Professional Expert

Lewis Barbe

Lewis Barbe, an expert designing advisor, keeps on being looked for after for his significant information and skill, procured through numerous years of experience as an authorized specialist. As somebody with three expert designing licenses, and who is Board-guaranteed in Safety Engineering, Barbe is ceaselessly looked to as a specialist witness in various cases, and has ordered a reputation of accomplishment, and in addition a solid expert notoriety, therefore.

Much like any master witness, Lewis Barbe has far reaching knowledge and aptitude in his field, and also various participations and affiliations with expert sheets and relationship all through his industry.

Lewis Barbe: Past and Present Organizations

As an architect and designing specialist, Lewis Barbe comprehends the significance of keeping up dynamic and eager contribution in the field of expert wellbeing. For Barbe, this implies keeping up dynamic enrollments, and, sometimes, initiative positions, inside various industry associations and affiliations, those that serve to advance the needs of the field, set principles and rules and give highly required data on wellbeing to both people in general and experts all through the field.

Over a significant time span associations Lewis Barbe has been included with include:

  • American Society of Testing Materials
  • American Society of Safety Engineers 
  • Canadian Society of Safety Engineers 
  • Human Factors Society 
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association 
  • National Safety Council 
  • The Society of the Plastics Industry 
  • American Council of Governmental Industrial Hygienists 
  • American Railway Engineering & Maintenance of Way Association 
  • Framework Industry Association 
  • National Fire Protection Association 
  • Framework Safety Society 
  • Mechanical Health Foundation 
  • Society of Automotive Engineers 
  • SAFE Association 

Lewis Barbe is additionally Past Chairman of two expert councils, including the System Safety Society Standards Committee and the National Safety Council Training Committee. He is a past individual from the Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Board in the State of Pennsylvania. He gladly composed the ASTM Ergonomic Standard, and is the holder of a recompense from the National Safety Council.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Lewis C. Barbe – The Importance of a Safe Work Environment

An authorized proficient specialist for a long time, Lewis Barbe has some expertise in an assortment of fields, including new item improvement, metallurgical designing and disappointment investigation. Barbe has additionally served as a designing expert all through the course of his profession, furnishing associations with master witness affirmation in both railroad case and various different cases.

Lewis barbe

An individual from the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, the American Society of Testing Materials, the American Society of Safety Engineers and numerous other expert affiliations, Lewis Barbe is additionally a decently qualified and Board-affirmed Safety Engineer, somebody with a model reputation in the field of wellbeing and mischance anticipation. A long-term individual from the National Safety Council, Barbe was regarded to have gotten a grant from the NSC for the foundation of a world security record amid his time as the Westinghouse Electric Manager of Accident Prevention.

Through years of experience and significant skill, Lewis Barbe now be knowledgeable in the irrefutable significance of a safe workplace, something that is ever-so-discriminating to the accomplishment of any business. Especially apropos in the fields of overwhelming industry and assembling, the support of a safe workplace goes far towards decreasing the expenses that are by and large connected with work-related mischances, including such things as lawful charges, laborer's remuneration claims, protection costs.

The upkeep of a safe workplace, as Barbe knows, can likewise prompt higher representative assurance, which, thusly, can bring about expanded worker gainfulness and effectiveness. Nature of work, and also the organization's main concern, can possibly enhance with an emphasis on a safe workplace.

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