Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lewis Barbe: Past and Present Organizations

As an architect and designing specialist, Lewis Barbe comprehends the significance of keeping up dynamic and eager contribution in the field of expert wellbeing. For Barbe, this implies keeping up dynamic enrollments, and, sometimes, initiative positions, inside various industry associations and affiliations, those that serve to advance the needs of the field, set principles and rules and give highly required data on wellbeing to both people in general and experts all through the field.

Over a significant time span associations Lewis Barbe has been included with include:

  • American Society of Testing Materials
  • American Society of Safety Engineers 
  • Canadian Society of Safety Engineers 
  • Human Factors Society 
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association 
  • National Safety Council 
  • The Society of the Plastics Industry 
  • American Council of Governmental Industrial Hygienists 
  • American Railway Engineering & Maintenance of Way Association 
  • Framework Industry Association 
  • National Fire Protection Association 
  • Framework Safety Society 
  • Mechanical Health Foundation 
  • Society of Automotive Engineers 
  • SAFE Association 

Lewis Barbe is additionally Past Chairman of two expert councils, including the System Safety Society Standards Committee and the National Safety Council Training Committee. He is a past individual from the Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Board in the State of Pennsylvania. He gladly composed the ASTM Ergonomic Standard, and is the holder of a recompense from the National Safety Council.

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