Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lewis Barbe - Accuracy in Justice

The importance of a system of justice that works correctly cannot be overstated. In a world full of turmoil and uncertainty, people need to have something to turn to and point to when things go wrong. Having justice, while it does not solve most problems, still gives people hope. Being given hope through the idea that even if everything goes wrong justice will still be served may be a naive point of view, but sometimes it is all a person can cling to. When loved ones are lost, or terrible things take place, sometimes the purest thought a person can have is that there will be justice.

While it is difficult to decide on what justice is and how it should work on an individual basis, many countries and groups of people have set up court systems where justice is given out by multiple individuals on a case-by-case basis. This hopefully allows the majority of cases to be tried fairly and allows for justice to be served. It is the hope of civilized individuals that justice can be properly served, and depending on the situation, is it sometimes the duty of such individuals to help make sure that continues to happen.

 Sometimes during trials or hearings specialists are called up to deliver their unbiased opinion on a subject. Be it a forensic scientist in a homicide case or a safety engineer for a railroad fiasco, it is common that people without much knowledge on a subject are given that knowledge when it is necessary for justice. This can be extremely important, as a decision can change multiple lives and could have drastic effects on other cases in the future. For this reason, the court must be absolutely sure to pick the best expert witnesses and ensure they are entirely trustworthy and professional.

Professionalism is a great attribute to have, and it is something that hopefully everyone is able to at least learn over their years in the workforce. People often eventually specialize in one field, and it is at that moment that professionalism comes completely naturally. Is it not completely natural that a person would want the work they do to be valid and looked well upon by others in their field and outside of their field? Obviously, many professions also include using theories, and it is pretty common that theories change or are disproven over time. This could lead to tons of work being done under the presumption that a certain theory was correct, only to later find out that all the work done under such a presumption was now null and void. This could be extremely important in a justice situation, so accuracy cannot be more stressed. For this reason, expert witnesses work objectively and only present the facts that can be proven through techniques that are approved by the expert's peers and the community as a whole. Lewis Barbe is a safety engineer and has served as an expert witness in many railroad litigation cases. His testimony has decided multiple cases, and he has only been able to do so because he has followed the correct procedures and given an objective review of the facts on a consistent basis.

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