Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Role of Generosity in One's Life: Lewis Barbe

Generosity is something that is easy to take advantage of. For this reason, it is sometimes hard for people to be continuously generous, especially right after being taken advantage of. Certain religions and beliefs require people to be generous, and to keep being generous even when it is used against them. However, there is also a generosity that comes from people who are professional and have extra experience. This generosity is something like the desire to teach, but it is more like the desire to use the skills they have learned to benefit people for reasons other than money. It generally happens when people are so passionate about their work that it has come to define them as people. This is common when people find something they love enough to specialize in.

It is very easy to pretend that generous people just have pity on certain groups of people, and they like lording what they have over others, but this is extremely short-sighted and generally wrong. Generosity often has very little to do with helping others and has a lot to do with a person's state of mind and how they think about what they do and what they think about other people. It is pointless to presume one person's quality of life should be the exact same as another person's quality of life since the quality of life is largely subjective. However, being able to ask a person what they need and help them achieve it is a generous thing and is commendable.

Lewis Barbe is an extremely generous person and enjoys being able to give some of his hard-earned experience when it will help others.

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